Protect Yourself and Your Family from Whooping Cough (Pertussis)

Girl coughingWhat can you do to keep yourself and your family safe from Pertussis, commonly known as Whooping Cough, which has become an epidemic in Washington state?  According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the best way to prevent whooping cough is through vaccinations. The childhood vaccine is called DTaP. The whooping cough booster vaccine for adolescents and adults is called TdaP. Both protect against whooping cough, tetanus, and diphtheria.

You can go to your primary care doctor or a local pharmacy to receive the TDaP vaccine. If you purchased your health plan after March 23, 2010 and you receive the injection at the office of an in-network provider, it should be 100 percent covered. If you purchased your health plan before this date, you may be asked to pay co-pays and co-insurance. If you choose to go a pharmacy for the injection, you will need to pay out-of-pocket at the pharmacy and submit a claim to Premera for reimbursement. Check your benefits booklet to confirm coverage.

If you are a Premera member and think that you or anyone in your family might have whooping cough, call the Premera  24-Hour NurseLine at the number listed on the back of your card.  If there isn’t a 24-Hour NurseLine phone number on your card, your plan may not participate in the  service. If your plan does not participate in the 24-Hour Nurse Line, contact your primary care physician immediately.

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