Ready to Buy a Health Plan? Here’s What You Will Need

If you’re ready to buy a new individual plan for 2014, you can make the process much easier by having key documents and info on hand before making the purchase directly through Premera or on Washington Healthplanfinder.

With the information listed below, you can call  Premera at  1-877-PREMERA and one of our representatives can walk you through your purchase.  Our team can confirm subsidy eligibility, sign up customers through Washington Healthplanfinder, or enroll you directly in a health plan.

Personal Financial Information

You’ll need to know the basics for everyone listed on your tax return, even if they don’t need coverage—including social security number, date of birth, whether they smoke or are pregnant. You’ll also need to know some financial information, including the income for everyone in your household, interest being paid on student loans, and contributions to a 401k or retirement plan.

Your 2012 tax return is a handy source for much of this information. However, if your income has changed significantly from 2012 to 2013, be sure to input your anticipated income for 2013, because your 2013 income level will determine whether or not you are eligible for federal financial assistance for your health plan in 2014. Your W2s or 1040 and pay stubs also can come in handy.

Your Current Insurance Card

If you already have a health plan, but want to be covered by a new plan, you’ll need to know your insurance type (such as employer-sponsored, Medicare/Tri Care, or VA Health Benefits), policyholder name and policy number. If you currently receive coverage through your employer, you should have received a notice from them with details about the health coverage they offer. You’ll also need that on hand.

Medical Information

While this is not part of the enrollment process, it’s important that you make a list of the doctors and medications you and your household use. In order to choose a plan with the best coverage and least additional costs, be sure that the plan you choose covers your current doctors and medications.

Financial Assistance

Qualifying for a financial assistance depends on your household income. If you’re an individual in Washington state with an annual income of less than $46,960, you may qualify for a tax credit. For a family of four, that amount is around $94,000.

If your annual income increases within the year, you may be required to pay back a portion of the tax credit you originally qualified for. But you can update your income information during the year, so that you don’t end up with a big bill when you prepare your tax return.

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