Understand Costs When You Use Your Health Plan

Who Pays for Health Plan Costs?Paying for healthcare coverage is a major expense for most all individuals and families, so it’s wise to know exactly what you are getting.  Think of health plan costs this way:

  • You pay each month to have coverage, much like you would pay for a gym membership to have access to its facilities and services
  • Your health plan shares the cost of medical services with you, such as when you pay a fixed cost for visiting a doctor, and when you split the cost of a medical bill with your plan (called coinsurance.)    
  • Your health plan picks up all of the cost, after you have exceeded the annual amount your plan says you have to pay.

Click on the infographic below to learn more about the types of health plan costs.

Know What You Pay

About Premera
Premera is a health benefits company serving almost 1.7 million people, from individuals to Fortune 100 companies. We provide health, life, vision, dental, stop-loss, disability, workforce wellness and other related products and services.

5 Responses to Understand Costs When You Use Your Health Plan

  1. ab says:

    One issue I have noticed is that on the washington state health care exchange site is that it says an amount for a premium, is that price for each month? How long is a premium. I know many people who have no idea what it means and the amount turns them away.

    • Premera says:

      Thanks for your question. It is admittedly confusing! A premium is the same as your monthly bill.

      • ab says:

        A “premium” for my car insurance is for 6 months. My “payment” each month is the premium divided over those six months. I can choose to pay the whole premium, or make payments. So its not really as clear. But thanks.

  2. Ann says:

    Can you please post a link to hospitals that are included in the new network and a complete list of doctors?

    • Premera says:

      Hi Ann. You can see which doctors and hospitals are included in the 2014 ACA plans by going to the Find a Doctor tool on premera.com, and selecting the “Heritage Signature” network. Thanks!

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